Unspeakable – Reviewed by Sarah


  Unspeakable – Abbie Rushton
Review by Sarah

 A quiet read that manages to get louder with each page you turn, leading up to a conclusion that will leave you in stunned silence.

Megan hasn’t spoken a word since the night her best friend, Hannah, died; instead she keeps her guilt and horror about that night locked up inside, never confiding to anyone. No one, from her friend Luke to her mother, have managed to coax Megan out of her oral paralysis, and although they hope for the best, they know the odds of Megan ever speaking again are slim – until Jasmine comes to town. As the two girls become friends, Megan begins to slowly try to fight back at the voice in her head telling her to keep quiet, while also trying to keep her feelings for Jasmine in check.

As secrets are unravelled, and feelings are revealed, we delve deeper into each mystery (What happened the night Hannah died? Who’s threatening Jasmine?), and begin to sympathize more and more with the characters – their fear and protectiveness becoming our own. Whether it be Jasmine’s exuberance or Hannah’s audacity, we appreciate the unique qualities they bring to the story, and realize the effects you can have on those around you – whether you’re dead or alive.

Rushton weaves together a novel that will intrigue you from the start, and make you realize what things are really worth saying, before it’s too late.