Tracked – Reviewed by Sara


Tracked by Jenny Martin
Reviewed by Sarah

A thrilling sci-fi read, with a storyline that’s as fast-paced as the cars Phee drives; a novel that’s unique, with a twist around every corner, and non-stop action.

From the moment that Phee gets involved with Benroyal Corp, the ruling corporation on Castra, she’s thrown into a world of conspiracies, secrets, and even a bit of romance as she’s introduced to her new racing team mate, Cash. As Phee delves deeper and deeper into the world of not only racing, but politics, she begins realize how her actions can (and will) affect the people around her, as well as the rest of Castra. On top of that, she’s saddled with the responsibility of keeping her loved ones safe, as well as questions from her past about why her father – who was once a famous racer himself – just up and left, never to come back.

Phee does a good job of keeping her eyes on what’s really important, and even while surrounded by lies, she manages to say true to herself. She’s determined to discover the secrets being kept from her and the majority of her planet, and does so with a clear head on her shoulders; what she uncovers is surprising, interesting, and entwines perfectly with the rest of the narrative, helping to build up to a conclusion that leaves you with questions both answered, and asked.

Jenny Martin creates a novel not to be missed for fans of racing and conspiracy, a story that’s innovating and vigorous, and an ending that will ultimately leave you begging for a sequel.