The Leveller – Reviewed by Callie


Leveller by Julia Durango

What It’s About:

Earning money by dragging kids out of the virtual reality gaming world and returning them to their worried parents, bounty hunter Nixy faces the biggest challenge of her career when the game’s billionaire developer loses track of his own son.

Why You Should Read It:

I loved this book! It had a new aspect to the plot that I have not seen before. The entire story basically took place in a virtual world. It was amazing how Julia Durango created a whole book, that had good writing and a great plot, on video games. I loved the main character, Nixy, she was adventurous and confident. Wyn was a fun character too, he wasn’t completely like a stereotypical rich kid character, but still had some of those characteristics like he was better than everyone else. The book didn’t really end on a cliff hanger, but it can lead into a sequel, and I can’t wait until that comes out!