Sneak Peeks Review: Kiss Me in New York

Kiss me in New York by Catherine Rider was a fun, light story. The plot ran smoothly and kept my attention perked with interest and wanting to know what happened next.

The book has many positive qualities. One is that there were twists and turns. When reading the novel, I tried to imagine what happened next but then something happens and changes the story. I like this because it adds suspenseful and intriguing attributes. Another quality I enjoyed was that there was something connecting the story- the book ‘get over your ex in 10 easy steps.’ It added a feature to bind the characters for the story and give them a reason to go the places they did, advancing the story with each step. I also like how the characters each have their hardships they deal with and try to help each other, it shows that some people can be trusted if you let them help. Another aspect I liked was the bits of memories and flashbacks from the characters. It adds a bit of a history to them and helps readers see more a little ‘behind the scenes.’

Although I thoroughly enjoyed the book, everything has flaws. Over the course of the book, Anthony seems to open up more about his past, but not so much Charlotte. I would have liked a little more history behind the characters to show who they were and why they are as they are. It would also show also what qualities changed over the course of the book.

Overall, ‘Kiss me in New York’ was a lovable novel with many great aspects. I couldn’t put it down, therefore I rate it 4/5.

Reviewed by Jamie