Sneak Peek Review: Follow Me

“Follow Me” by Sara Shepard (writer of the popular Pretty Little Liars series), is a spectacular novel, and an amazing read for anyone who has a passion for detective books like the Sherlock Holmes series. The story focuses on the recent kidnapping of Chelsea Dawn, a popular Instagram star who disappeared without a trace. Seneca, Aerin, Maddox, and Madison (the moderators of a detective website ‘Case Not Closed’) are surprised to find that Chelsea shares a shocking resemblance to Aerin’s sister who was killed 5 years earlier in an “accident.” This story has a cliff-hanger at the end of every chapter, and compels the reader to flip the page every time. It shows the reader a very important moral about looking at the bigger picture, and that sometimes, what seems to be true is nothing more than a lie. This had a very fast-paced starting within the first few chapters, and on some level it was hard to keep up with the story line. However, when the story starts to escalate, it’s easy to keep up and makes for a very interesting book. All in all, this thriller book is a very engaging story, and a great way to spend some time reading.

Reviewed by Tegicupala