Sneak Peek Review: Bad Call

Looking for a a supsenseful book full of thrills? Check out this review by Tejas, one of our Sneak Peek volunteers! While the book won’t be published until 2018, you can reserve a copy by placing a hold with your library card here.

This absorbing novel by Stephen Wallenfels is a must read for anyone who loves dark and grim stories that can take an unexpected turn at any time. The story revolves around a camping trip, which was planned out during a late night poker game (and we all know that poker vows cannot be broken). Unfortunately, it all goes downhill from there, from having one member back out, to having another be replaced, to one person bringing an ax, and refusing to explain why they did so. Alternating perspectives every chapter, the story teaches a very important moral about trust, through the characters of Colin and Ellie. This dual-person way of story telling is a little confusing at the starting of the book, as it also takes on different timelines before merging together, but later on in the novel this becomes vital to the story line. All in all, this psychological thriller is a very interesting and engaging page flipper, and packs quite a punch in every page.