Road Trip Journey

Thinking of a new journey before summer ends? How about living an adventure without leaving your home. The following novels take you on the life journeys of individuals who discover new challenges, friendship and family through their stories.

The Good Luck of Right Now by Mathew Quick is about Bartholomew Neil who is 40 years old and used to live with his mother. She has recently died and he’s having trouble coming to terms with her death. Towards the end of her life as a result of dementia she called her son “Richard” and that was the last word she said on her death bed. The story takes an interesting turn when Bartholomew finds a letter in his mom’s drawer sent by Richard Gere, “outlining the atrocities committed against Tibet by the Chinese government”. He takes this as a sign and starts writing a series of letters to Richard Gere. As Bartholomew struggles to come to terms with his mom’s death, his life unfolds through a number of visits with people in counseling who share a similar grief. Max, who has recently lost his cat; Elizabeth (Girlbrarian) for her lost innocence; Wendy for the abuse she suffered, and, Father McNamee a struggling priest.

Coincidentally, they all decide to head on a road trip to Canada; two of them to see “Cat Parliament” in Ottawa; the other two to go to Montreal so Father McNamee can reveal to Bartholomew the identity of his biological father.

The Good Luck of Right Now is filled with quirky, lovable characters and creates a funny, entertaining, yet inspiring and moving story that marvels at the joy of daily life and the power of kindness and love.

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