Pursuing Your Dream

Long Ride Home: Guts and Guns and Grizzlies, 800 Days Through the Americas in a Saddle

(Journey America Book 1) by Filipe Masetti Leite


Have you read any books written by Caledon authors recently? Caledon Public Library is featuring Long Ride Home by Filipe Masetti Leite this month, soon to be a major motion picture.

Long Ride Home is the story of a Ryerson Journalism student who rode 10,000 miles from Canada through the Americas to his home in Brazil, chasing his dreams. The story of a man and his magnificent horses is uniquely captured in this book. Filipe beautifully takes the reader on his epic journey that leads to surprises, the good, bad and ugly in the human spirit and tells of conquering a dream and of a deep passion to fulfill the ride of a lifetime!

This stunning true life adventure takes you on a two year journey through ten countries. The combination of  stories of drug cartels, mass migration, the glorious wilderness, the old cowboy ways, the kindness of strangers and the powerful connection between man and beast make this book a tale of bravery and inspiration.

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