One Book One Caledon: Bellevue Square

This year we have launched a new initiative as part of the Caledon 150 celebrations. One Book One Caledon [OBOC] is set up to encourage our community to come together and to read & discuss the same book. Through this program we will attempt to highlight our sense of community as well as promote literacy. As such, we will be having many events throughout the year as part of OBOC [check out the schedule of events here] including a trivia night, cooking class, and even a special evening with the author.

As some of you may already know, the book chosen for this year’s OBOC was Michael Redhill’s “Bellevue Square”, the 2017 Scotiabank Giller Prize. “Bellevue Square” is set in Toronto and tells the story Jean Mason who lives a seemingly ordinary life as a bookstore owner, mom, and wife. However, this all changes when she uncovers that she may have a mysterious and potentially dangerous doppelganger. As the people who know both Jean and her doppelganger start disappearing, Jean begins to fear something bigger may be at play.

Michael Redhill deftly takes us down this mysterious rabbit hole, though, by the end of the book we have many questions left to be answered. As this book is also the first in the Modern Ghosts trilogy, that is to be expected. Furthermore, “Bellevue Square” touches on both issues with identity and mental health. As a result, we are never quite sure what is truly happening, which I expect is exactly what Michael Redhill wants from his audience. But not to worry. We are having a Let’s Talk Bellevue Square night on June 21st for all of us to get together and really help each other dissect this book.  And with this book, there are A LOT of things to discuss!

If you haven’t already done so, checkout out the #onebookonecaledon pick “Bellevue Square”. There are many things happening this year, including next week’s Mental Wellness and You.  So, come out, participate, and show your support.