Tis the time in between, winter not quite gone and spring pending, a prodigious interval for an excuse to devote some supplementary reading time on the couch. What better than a few mysteries and mayhem? Here are a four suggestions to keep you enthralled before all the summer activities and perchance travel plans commence.

I would like to introduce some diverse mystery writers that I have found really intriguing. The content is varied and the settings are in different countries which is always a new adventure, encompassing the culture and multiplicity experienced in foreign countries.

The Waters of Eternal Youth, Donna Leon

Another enthralling mystery from Leon with her endearing character Commissario Guido Brunetti, set in contemporary Venice. Once again the kind hearted Guido must use all his whiles to solve a 15 year old mystery. Manuela Lando-Continui was brain damaged at 16 when she fell into a canal. Manuela’s elderly grandmother believes she was pushed and has begged Guido to find out the truth before she dies. A convoluted plot follows which will keep you on the edge of your seat. Interludes of humour add to the enjoyment of this pulsating whodunit.



I Am Your Judge, Nele Niehaus

Neuhaus at her best here with another cliff hanger. German detectives, Pia Kirchhoff and Oliver von Bodenstein are on the hunt for a serial killer. When a murderer shoots elderly Ingeborg Rohleder with a high-powered rifle while the woman is walking her dog and later a sniper shoots 64-year-old Margarethe Rudolf in her kitchen in front of her granddaughter the crimes seem unrelated. The working theory that these are random shootings comes under question when the killer sends an obituary for the first victim to the police and the note seems to connect the two. As always there are some enthralling twists and turns before the case is solved.


Blood On Snow, Jo Nesbo

This is a tangled tale about Olav and his employer, a major crime boss, Olav is good for one thing only—serving as a hit man who expertly “fixes” up messes. However, when Olav is commissioned to kill his boss’s wife, things start to go south for him. Olav knows if he takes her out, he is in danger of knowing too much and will have to be eliminated as well. He has to figure out a plan that will allow him to please his boss and still survive the contract. Unfortunately when he tails the wife, Olav becomes smitten with his new target. Nesbø creates a sympathetic, soft-hearted assassin trying to endure while following orders. This title is one of three short novels Nesbø wrote under the pen name Tom Johansson that have been optioned for movie rights (they were purchased by Leonardo DiCaprio and the movies will possibly star him).


The Ice Child, Camilla Lackberg

Another thriller set in the town of Fjallbacka with a married couple Erika Falck, a true-crime writer and Patrik Hedstrom, a detective. In the latest case a semi-naked girl wanders through the woods in freezing cold weather when she is hit by an oncoming vehicle. By the time Detective Patrik receives word of the accident, the girl has already been identified. Four months ago she disappeared on her way home from the local riding school, and no one has seen her since. It quickly becomes clear that she has been subjected to unimaginably brutal treatment. and it’s likely she’s not the only one. Meanwhile, Erica is looking into an old case – a family tragedy that led to a man’s death. His wife was convicted of murder, but Erica senses that something isn’t right. What is the woman hiding?

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