Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn  

Nick and Amy have been married for five years, and the marriage has been strained for a while. They used to be a rich glamorous couple in New York; now they have moved to Nick’s home state of Missouri having lost their jobs and most of their money. Now Nick is trying to run a bar with his twin sister while Amy stayed at home. The real story began when Amy disappears on their fifth anniversary and the police investigation made Nick the prime suspect.

As the story goes on and Nick follows up with passages and clues from Amy’s diary, it is evident that Amy framed Nick knowing that he has been cheating on her. Gone Girl is a thriller that is accompanied by psychological mind and it is about married couple who live double lives. Yet it is witty, dark and insightful while it is lavishly detailed.

Flynn’s novel critically describes men and women’s relationship in marriage and possesses a disturbing worldview, and yet the huge twist reveals Nick’s biggest secret that is impossible to predict.

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