Mad Miss Mimic – Reviewed by Lucas


Mad Miss Mimic by Sarah Henstra
Reviewed by Lucas

This book was hard for me to get into because it was a historical fiction novel which took place in 19th century England and this setting really didn’t interest me. The main character was Lenora Somerville, an upper-class society debutante who stuttered and often ’mimicked’ other peoples voices when she was nervous.  Some of the vocabulary was hard to understand because the characters spoke to each other as they would have commonly done in 19th century England. However, I did learn several interesting facts, like the history behind some of the drugs we find in our present day and how even in the 19th century, many people in society faced addiction and violence due to drugs. I also liked how the author dealt with the topic of a speech impediment in a positive way, not letting it limit Lenora although others made fun of her and belittled her. I guess if you are a history buff who enjoys 19th century England and a murder mystery taking place in the past, this book may be worth the read. I also think that maybe more girls would find this story interesting because there is romance, many references to fashion and makeup fads of the day.