Life Is Strange, a thrilling supernatural tale

Video Games – a fantastic story medium, do try them, something so different!

Libraries and video games have certainly not been synonymous in the past however as any teenager or kid will tell you nowadays (“you’ve been able to loan out video games from the library since forever!”).

What I would like to bring to your attention today is how video games are not only a great form of entertainment, as graphic novels have become, but a fabulous medium for storytelling, just as there is a book for everyone there is a game for everyone but I would like to highlight the more narrative type of video games commonly dubbed “story tale gaming”.

While each story game differs and the stories they tell vary, they share common traits such as being more chronicle driven with less action play while also offering a number of puzzles to solve with different outcomes based on your decision making in the game.  This encourages the cognitive thought process.

I know, I know – some of you adults are probably saying “My kids spend enough time on their phones and computers as it is” however this is a nice alternative, on that rainy day,  to the action games most children tend to play. It gives them a great narrative with problems to solve along the way which adds to their creativity and enjoyment.  I’m sure that you can agree this is far healthier than running around with a game character shooting everything in sight.

Those of you without kids can also enjoy this diversion; just as there is a youth and adult section in the library so are there different age groups to these narrative story games.

Today I would like to bring to light an exceptional thought provoking game called “Life is strange”.

Available on Xbox One and PS4 from our library, while this game does have a PC version we do not currently offer it at the library. This particular title is PG17+ geared towards adults.

LIfe-Is-Strange1In this game you take on the persona of Max Cualfield an eighteen year old female art student attending school in her hometown after being away for years. This game brings to light the difficulties in young adult life where every decision can have life shattering consequences and something as simple as slipping and falling can be the end of your social life. In the beginning of the game Max experiences a tragic event watching her best friend from her childhood being shot in the school bathroom but that gives Max the ability to rewind time by a few minutes.  This countenances the event and Max can alter time and save her childhood best friend Chloe from this tragic death and a story of friendship, romance, action, and heartbreak unfolds.

While the game focuses on the ability to alter time it most certainly is not concentrated here; it outlines many of today’s young adult problems (social media bullying, drugs, alcohol, etc) and provides you with a rich environment to explore.  Items in the game go from critical thinking to simply background storylines and providing all with an understanding of the trials and tribulations facing young people.

121212The exquisite artwork and music in the game gives life to characters and their environment pulling you into the small town school life of Max. The game itself is divided into 5 chapters and uses an auto save so that you can start and stop your game at any point. I highly recommend this thought provoking and intelligent story driven game for those who are looking for something different and hope that you enjoy it as much as I did.