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The Internet is an extremely common source of health information and a survey has found that 70% of Canadians research online medical and health data. It is however of primary importance to access reliable and well researched data. The CPL is now offering free access to ‘Health Guide Canada 2015-2016’ within our Digital Resources.

  1. This comprehensive body of work contains descriptions, symptoms and treatment options of 106 chronic and mental illnesses and is an informative reputable online resource.
  2. The content has 5,000 + detailed listings of condition-specific support networks combined with general health resources. Listings include the name of the organization with complete contact information, website and social media links.
  3. Data is collated from The Fraser Institute, Statistics Canada and many other dependable, well researched sources; information is well organized for quick and accurate search results. Do use the advanced search for specific results, with this you can fill in a minimal amount of data and go directly to the relevant information.
  4. This multi-purpose reserve encompasses many helpful articles on chronic and mental illness, self-management after diagnosis and advice on how patients can succeed post-diagnosis with help from their primary health care provider.

From this directory you will have information you can understand and evaluate from within your home to make appropriate health decisions. All articles can be printed, and access to the CPL public computer workstations is available during Library opening times for those without internet access at home.