Happy Mother’s Day

The Cactus by Sarah Haywood
“It’s never too late to bloom”

At forty five Susan Green, a controlling person with a strict routine and successful professional life, is facing the death of her mother. Soon, she learns that Edward, her younger brother will inherit the family’s home and he lives there with his friend, Rob. Simultaneously, she discovers she is pregnant with Richard’s child, whom she will raise alone because she doesn’t want to be beholden to anyone. She begins investigating her mother’s will and builds a legal case against her brother. However, what she finds out about her mother and herself is a big surprise that will impact her relationships.

The Cactus represents Susan’s character from her childhood to young adult and eventually adult life. As Haywood unfolds Susan’s life, the reasons for her habits of logical nature and independence is uncovered. Suddenly, Susan’s interactions with other people provoke her emotional senses and feelings that are delightful experience and yet unfamiliar to her, but through her journey and relationships, Susan realizes that logic  doesn’t always prevail. Hayward’s charming story reveals Susan’s transitions and how her love life of motherhood creating the family she deserves.

Below are more books to find out how to go about defining “family”-please be aware that some are available as Ebooks.

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