Gain a Balanced Perspective on Current Events and Issues

Canadian Points of View Reference Centre has varied content to help students realize and develop persuasive arguments and acquire a better understanding of controversial issues. At the same time it will assist in developing analytical and problem solving skills. There are 185 topics providing a balance of viewpoints covering arguments for and against subject matter. Great for that debating team or an investigative essay.

On the right of the Interface screen are some useful links

  1. Curriculum standards
  2. Create an essay online
  3. Charts/Graphs for topics
  4. Research guides

The main page has graphics with current events in the news

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Following these are a number of subject headings for example:

  1. Aboriginal people
  2. Animal welfare
  3. Crime and punishment
  4. Energy
  5. Environment
  6. Health and medicine
  7. Social issues

These being a few of the 780 plus issues covered. As you read you can create notes, the note feature is under ‘Tools’. Additional functions here are:

  1. Saving to folders
  2. Print
  3. Email
  4. Cite
  5. Permalink and share

Information is collated from leading political magazines, newspapers, radio and television transcripts, primary source documents, reference books and a series of titles from World Publications.

This is an excellent reference source for those difficult academic questions. There is plenty of Canadian content and the site is not challenging to navigate.

Here is a link for the tutorial on YouTube.