Finding Your Next Great Read is as Easy as 1, 2, 3

Have you ever finished a book and not known what to read next?

The library has some excellent readers advisory resources to help you find your next great read:

  1. Talk to a librarian!

Your local library is full of avid readers who love to talk about books and are happy to provide recommendations based on your reading preferences. Come talk to us at the reference or circulation desk next time you are in! You can also check out our Staff Picks displays for some quick suggested reads.

  1. Use our catalogue!

Did you know that if you search a title in our catalogue you will automatically see read a-likes attached to the catalogue record?

For example, if you enjoyed reading All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr (highly recommend for historical fiction lovers!) you could search this title in our catalogue and see similar recommended titles. Simply click on the drop down arrow for “Novelist Content” once you are in the catalogue record for a specific title.

Novelist content on catalogue

  1. Check out the Novelist Plus database!

If you are interested in browsing genres or searching for similar authors, titles or series to those that you have previously enjoyed, you can use Novelist Plus to find your next read.

Simply connect to our digital resources for adults and click on Novelist Plus.

Browse through the Recommended Reads Lists for fiction or non-fiction on the left side of the web page and narrow your search for books by selecting your favourite genre.

Recommended Reads Lists

Do a keyword search for books on a specific topic.

Keyword Search Novelist

Try searching an author, title or series that you have read to find read a-likes.

Search by title author or series


There are so many great books to discover at Caledon Public Library. Please do not hesitate to ask us for recommendations or assistance with readers advisory resources, we are always happy to help!