Equestrian Life In Caledon

panWith the Pan Am Games some 80 odd days away and the Equestrian part being held in Caledon it seems an appropriate time to promote some of the horse literature we have in the Caledon Public Library.

Our collection is diverse, housing books on the various breeds, environmentally friendly literature on ‘Green’ horse farming, an encyclopedia of horses and a plethora of informative literature relating to these varied and interesting animals.

We are proud supporters of these games and have housed an ‘Interview Kiosk’ for volunteers which has been well attended. The volunteer maximum was reached before the cutoff date in Caledon.

Dressage With Mind Body And Soul, by Linda Tellington-Jones

dressageThinking of the upcoming Dressage eventing for the Pan Am Games we have the famous Linda Tellington-Jones’ book ‘Dressage With Mind, Body and Soul’. Linda has worked with many of the top riders in the world for over forty years; instructing her famous Tellington Method she has improved countless riders and horses with their communication to one another, built confidence and understanding creating all round better performance from both rider and horse.

Besides being an instructional manual this is entertaining literature in that it covers twenty fascinating stories about the International riders and their horses she has worked with; each in their own way having a problem that needed solving.


Chicken Soup For The Horse Lover’s Soul.

chickenNo horsey collection would be complete without a ‘Chicken Soup For The Horse Lover’s Soul’. Here we have fifty plus delightful stories, uplifting and entertaining for anyone who has had the privilege to know and understand these magnificent animals. Even for those who have only admired horses from a distance there is the humour, the devotion, the bravery and special bonds formed between man and horse that will inspire and charm all.

Horses are now being used regularly in therapy to help those with special needs and to heal traumatized souls. Two of these stories cover this very relevant subject matter and will be of great interest to the many therapist workers and those concerned individuals dealing with this type of therapy.


The Eighty Dollar Champion, by Elizabeth Letts

the_eighty_dollar_championHosting the Pan Am show jumping competitions at our own Caledon Palgrave Equestrian Park here is a book to promote and draw readers in to this fascinating sport.

This is one of my favourite books of all time, the story of an American dream and an inspiration to us all.

Harry de Leyer was a poorly Dutch immigrant to the Americas in the fifties. He stated a small riding school and needed a new addition who was calm and suitable for beginners. Out of a truckload of horses going to slaughter he noticed a thin grey with a special twinkle in his eye. Snowman was purchased for eighty dollars. Harry sold him later to a neighbor but the grey kept jumping fences and returning to Harry’s farm. After numerous incidents Harry realized how high the horse had jumped and decided to keep him and do some training. The higher the fences the more Snowman enjoyed jumping them.

Harry and his family sacrificed all to generate the income so that Snowman could compete on the show jumping circuit. They were not disappointed, the rather ugly grey had the heart of a champion and moved from strength to strength winning competitions all over America.

Snowman ended his career as the number one show jumper in America, a story that is incredible, but also a wonderful example of a family that put every effort in to Snowman’s development, but more importantly a horse they loved dearly and who loved them in return.

Not a spirited thoroughbred but a gentle giant who all three children would clamber on his back to ride through streams and in the country.

I have recommended this biography to young and older people with no affiliation to horses and have had only positive feedback.

Do come in to peruse our collection and enjoy these unique events Caledon is hosting.