Embracing Your Inner Geek: King of the Lost and Found

King of the Lost and Found: John Lekich


Synopsis: Raymond Dunne has a lot of issues. He sneezes too much, frequently gets nose bleeds, and has been known to pass out from time to time. All of which do little to enhance his popularity at Percy Hargrave High school, or impress his not so secret crush Janice. In fact, the kids call him “Drop Dead Dunne” and “The Human Rug”. However, what Raymond lacks in health and vitality, he makes up for with ambition.  With the help of a popular older student, Raymond helps to establish a club in a secret room located behind his beloved lost and found where students can escape the stress of high school.  When the popularity of the club threatens to terminate its existence, Raymond must come up with a way to save his haven for the lost and lonely.

Why You Should Read It: This book is explores the nature of high school popularity and what can happen if you have the right connections. With the help of a popular transfer student, Raymond goes from being the guardian of his school’s lost and found to becoming the guy who can grant access to the hottest club in town. The transformation of Raymond is the pinnacle of this book. He goes from being the school nerd to the school kingpin. This book highlights the struggles of trying to find yourself in the hallways of high school, dealing with a dysfunctional family, of approaching your first crush, and trying to make a name for yourself other than “Drop Dead Dunne”.