“Dungeons & Dragons” Adventure Titles


Calling all dungeon crawling, magic casting and adventure loving fans. Caledon Public Library presents to you a list of action packed reads that are sure to please any Dungeons & Dragons fan.


Kings of the Wyld by Nicholas Eames

Follow Clay Cooper and his party who are known to be the most menacing crew in the world of Heartwyld. They were so well known that Bards created songs about them, women sought them out as marriage candidates, and children wanted to grow up to be like them. However, this was nineteen years ago.

Currently, Clay leads a quiet life spending time with his wife and daughter. That is until his ex-bandmate comes knocking begging for help, sending Clay back into his old ways in hopes to bring back the crew together. Join Clay and his party on this intense mythical creature fighting adventure in the hopes they can return to their former glory and complete the mission set before them.

Fans of Dungeons & Dragons will enjoy this title because it progresses very similarly to Dungeons & Dragons campaigns. For readers unfamiliar with the game, this is a series that will guide you on a dangerous mission where you become a part of Clay’s adventuring party.


Dragons of Autumn Twilight by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman

Centuries have passes since the Cataclysm, a war that left the land with little hope of a future. Five hard years later, a group of adventurers meet agreeing to step into the darkness to try and bring back the light of this world. While this journey will not be easy, these old friends are willing to do what it takes.

For those who love Dungeons & Dragons, there are familiar creatures and settings incorporated into the story, such as character classes like: Barbarians, Wizards, and Paladins. Overall, Dragons of Autumn Twilight is often called an epic fantasy classic because of its memorable characters, fast-paced plot, and complex magic system that will resonate with fans.


The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss

Kvothe, a man of many names is the most notorious wizard to walk this land. Many have tried to piece together his tale, but for the first time Kvothe himself is going to recount his life. He provides a detailed narrative of how his family were part of a traveling troupe and how a sudden tragedy pushed him to survive and enter the school of magic.

Kvothe is without a doubt a classic Dungeons & Dragons bard. Since the beginning of his life music is his passion and is a part of his being, it has even helped him in his time of need. For those looking for a high action magical tale with lovable characters this is an excellent choice because while it is an epic quest, it is also an intimate telling of a person’s life.


Archmage by R.A. Salvatore

The first book of the Homecoming series begins with the start of a great battle. The Dwarven King and his allies have gathered to march towards Gauntlegrym in an attempt to reclaim it from the dark elves known as Drows. Our main character, Drizzt, is amongst the dwarves and wishes to help his friend Bruenor, once king of Mithril Hall.

For the Drows of Meznoberranzan, they are led by Matron Mother Quenthel Baenre and are planning their scheme to keep hold of Gauntlegrym from the Dwarves. With the approaching Dwarven army, they seek out dark forces to ensure their victory.

For Dungeons & Dragons players they will recognize the familiar setting of the Underdark and the vicious dark elves known as the Drow. Those unfamiliar with Dungeons & Dragons but enjoy adventure titles will find Archmage an engaging read because of the large scale battles, compassionate characters, and political wars.


King of Ashes by Raymond E. Feist

In the land of Garn, there exist five kingdoms that lived in harmony amongst each other. However, one fateful day four kingdoms decide to betray the Kingdom of Flames and take over leaving the city in ashes and ruler Firemane and his family dead. Baron Daylon Dumarch, affiliated with no kingdom, stumbles upon an abandoned child.  Having been close with Firemane he soon realizes this is the missing heir of the Kingdom of Flames and keeps this secret safe.

Years after the war, a skilled weapons smith discovers a powerful secret and learns how to forge King’s steel. This newfound ability forces him to flee and seek safety in Lord Daylon’s land. Together, the skilled weapons smith and the rightful heir discover that the war they thought was over is only just beginning.

This epic fantasy is appealing to Dungeons & Dragons players who enjoy the story and the world more than the combat aspect of playing. The combat in this series focuses heavily on sword weaponry over magic abilities. Where this title shines is its slow burn into something of increasing intensity as the series goes on. The world of Garn is yours to uncover with detailed descriptions of the vast land, and complex characters that develop at a realistic pace.


Published on behalf of Sarah Petryshyn