“If you have a library and a garden you have everything you need,” Cicero

This week’s blog is devoted to the benefits of container gardening which I only started last year and because it was such a success I will be doing it all again. My back yard is heavy clay and becomes easily saturated with the rainfall. When the blue recycle bins became redundant I decided to experiment by growing vegetables and herbs in them. Everything grown in these bins was so prolific and those pesky slugs and snails I have found are no mountaineers hence no insects devouring my produce!

Growing your own food is such a great idea and there are so many benefits. One does not necessarily need a large property or even an in ground vegetable garden, you can do it all in a small space with a collection of pots or self-made raised beds. You can save yourself money and indulge in a fun hobby at the same time and you will become less dependent on supermarkets and your produce will be more nutritious and healthy. The food will not be laced with chemicals and pesticides and you will discover a calmer, healthier lifestyle when you become more in touch with nature. What better way could there be than to introduce your children to a wholesome, excellent, educational activity that is enjoyable and productive!

Now that you are inspired do come in to any branch of the Caledon Public Library and peruse our collection of gardening books or download and view our electronic resources from the comfort of your home. Check out the following books in our collection which is a small example of what is available.


Seed To Supper, John Tullock

In this book which is packed with useful information Tullock takes a novel approach to help growers succeed by organizing cooking and growing information by the nature and size of the garden space itself. Beginning with herbs and greens that can be produced at a sunny window, he moves on to larger containers for a patio or deck, followed by the diversity of raised beds, and finally to an integrated backyard landscape.



Grow All You Can Eat In 3 Square Feet, DK

Think you do not have enough space for a garden, think again! In this informative book you will learn new inventive ways to make the most of small spaces. Healthy, organic foods can be easily grown in containers of any size or shape, collect containers from your local nursery, restore depot or hardware store, fill with organic potting soil and reap the benefits of fresh produce.



The Postage Stamp Vegetable Garden, Karen Newcome

In this helpful book you will learn how to garden in small spaces and how to efficiently use containers. There is abundant advice on which vegetables and herbs can be grown in close proximity to each other and the best soil and fertilizers to use. Containers cut down insect invasions so no need for toxic sprays.




Container Gardening For Beginners, Erin Morrow (Electronic from Hoopla)

Emphasis in this gem of a book is placed on the therapeutic value of gardening to the body and the soul. There are many snippets of valuable information on gardening in containers and how easy it is to accomplish. Containers can be moved to follow the sun or be rearranged at any time. This stress free gardening will produce abundant crops in small spaces. As indicated above this is an electronic book which is immediately available from our Hoopla Digital Resources. For further information about our electronic books contact the CPL.


For additional readings here are some more examples: