Coming Soon: November

The big publisher push is on to release blockbuster titles for the holiday shopping season and November titles do not disappoint.  Many of the big names are here this month and deciding who to read first and which one to buy for Aunt Sally will be a challenge.

Lee Child’s “Jack Reacher” series continues in November with Past Tense which finds Jack hitchhiking across America.  He doesn’t get very far as he encounters the town his father grew up in, as well as two stranded Canadians.  As these two stories begin to merge, Jack discovers that the past can be deadly.




The very eagerly anticipated 14th “Inspector Gamache” novel also arrives this month.  Armand Gamache is dealing with two very different issues.  On one hand, he has been named the executor of a will for a woman he has never met.   Myrna Landers from Three Pines and a young builder have also been named and they do not know her either.  Of course, as the Inspector puzzles this out, a body turns up and the terms of the will suddenly become more menacing.

At the same time, the drugs that he previously allowed to slip through his fingers have disappeared into the inner city of Montreal and they could potentially kill thousands.  Gamache races to stop the drugs from hitting the streets and begins to resort to desperate measures.  At the same time he begins to see his own blind spots and the terrible things hiding there.

Other forthcoming popular series titles this month include You don’t own me by Mary Higgins Clark, the fifth title in her “Under Suspicion” series, Look alive twenty-five by Janet Evanovich, and Target: Alex Cross by James Patterson.  And while Danielle Steel’s newest entry is not a part of a series,  it wouldn’t be right to leave out her newest novel, Beauchamp Hall.

David Baldacci, author of many popular series such as “Will Robie” and “Amos Decker” begins a new series called “Atlee Pine”. Long road to mercy introduces FBI agent Atlee Pine who is the sole agent assigned to the Shattered Rock, the Arizona resident agency responsible for protecting the Grand Canyon.  When a mule is found stabbed and it’s rider missing, Atlee is called in to investigate.  As it becomes clear that the lost tourist had more than sightseeing in mind, Atlee is abruptly called off the case.  Could the case be connected to the kidnapping of her sister thirty years ago? Despite direct orders, Atlee must keep working the case to discover the truth.


And finally, while it is NOT the final “Game of Thrones” book, George R.R. Martin has published a prequel which begins a new series; “History of House Targaryen of Westeros” Fire and Blood takes place centuries before Game of Thrones and begins the tale of House Targaryen with Aegon the Conqueror, creator of the Iron Throne and follows the generations all the way up to the civil war that nearly destroyed their dynasty.




So why not check out one of these blockbuster titles when they hit the shelves in November?  And who knows, you might want to add one or two of them to your shopping list.