Coming Soon: March

March blows in with many great titles, but you definitely won’t want to miss these ones! Make sure to place your holds at the Library today.

The ever-popular Harlan Coben has published his newest domestic suspense thriller. What would you do if you saw your  drug-addicted daughter who you haven’t seen in six months,  sitting in the middle of Central Park playing guitar looking frightened and clearly in trouble?  When Simon Greene sees Paige, he begs her to come home but gets in a fights with her junkie boyfriend Aaron.  Paige flees and as Simon searches for his daughter Aaron suddenly turns up dead and both  Simon and Paige becomes suspects.  As Simon continues to search for Paige, he must decide just how far he will go to save his daughter.  Coben’s plot twists will leave certainly keep you guessing.





Actress Paige Watts wants nothing more than for her daughter Emma to become a Hollywood star and when Emma stars in her own hit show at the age of nine, Paige thinks she has achieved her desire.   But a terrible tragedy strikes leaving Emma without speech or memory. She goes to live with her Aunt Whitney, a psychiatrist who abhors the glamourous celebrity world.  With Whitney’s help, as well as a team of doctors and caregivers, Emma begins to emerge again and start her life over, changing the lives of those around her along the way.





The ever-prolific James Patterson brings us not one, but two novels in March.  The First Lady is new stand-alone thriller written with Brendan Dubois that focusses on the disappearance of the First Lady.  At first people assume she is taking a respite following the revelation of the President’s scandalous affair, but when a ransom note arrives, along with her finger, it becomes apparent that something is terribly wrong.

The Cornwalls are Gone is also written with Brendan DuBois and follows Army intelligence officer, Amy Cornwall.  When Amy returns from her tour in Afghanistan, she finds her house empty and her family missing.  Amy is given 48 hours by the kidnappers to do as they ask if she ever wants to see her daughter and husband again.  Alone, afraid and officially AWOL, Amy must use every tactic she has ever learned in order to bring them home safely.  This novel will have you on the edge of your seat.



Juliette is the perfect girlfriend.  She must be,  because she loves Nate and even got a job as an airline attendant on his airline to be near him.  It doesn’t matter that Nate broke up with her six months ago, she will do anything to get him back and create the perfect life for the two of them.  Because, as Juliette says, “If you love someone, set them free.  If they come back, they’re yours.  If they don’t, make them” .  The Perfect Girlfriend is a twisted novel that brings a whole new meaning to the word ‘obsession’.