Coming Soon: December

December is finally upon us and it certainly gets busy at this time of year.  You may not have much time to sit and relax and read a book, but if you do manage to find a few hours between shopping, baking, decorating and visiting, then why not grab one of these new books that are coming to the Library in December.

Nora Roberts’ newest title, Of Blood and Bone, is the second book in her Chronicles of One series and it follows Year One. It is now a new world filled with magic and fear.  Twelve year old Fallon Swift does not remember the world before The Doom wiped out billions of people, leaving society all but destroyed.  Now, those like Fallon who have the gift, are hunted and persecuted, but soon her true identity as “The One” can no longer be hidden.  Fallon must begin her training and find the power within herself so that she can use her gifts, take up the sword and fight in order to make the world whole again. The struggle of light versus dark in this post-apocalyptic world is filled with danger and excitement.



Lisa Jewell, author of Then she was gone, returns with another bone-chilling thriller.  Melville Heights may be one of the nicest neighbourhoods in Bristol but everyone has a secret.  And someone is always watching you. There is something not quite right with headmaster Tom Fitzwilliam.  He is charming and personable and more than one student may have a crush  on him, including his new neighbour, Joey Mullen. Yet another student, Jenna,  who lives on the street doesn’t think that Tom is quite as perfect as everyone thinks he is and her mother thinks that he is stalking her. And then there is the diary from twenty years earlier from a young girl detailing her obsession with a handsome young English teacher named Mr. Fitzwilliam.  Unlike some recently published thrillers, this one will keep you guessing right up until the end, and the conclusion as well as one final bone-chilling revelation will stun readers.


The Boy brings back detective Nick Fourcade and his wife, detective Annie Broussard, who must solve the gruesome murder of Genevieve Gauthier’s seven year old son KJ, alleged murdered by an intruder. But with no evidence, no motive, and KJ’s mother left behind as a witness, the crime makes little sense.  When KJ’s occasional babysitter Nora is reported missing the next day, the town fears a maniac is on the loose.  But searching through Genevieve’s troubled past and tangled web of lovers brings to light her criminal past.  Could she have killed her own child and is she guilty of Nora’s disappearance?  Or is Nora the key to the boy’s murder?  Nick and Annie are under pressure to find answers and uncover the dark truth.



Robin Cook, the king of medical thrillers brings us the newest title in his Jack Stapleton series. When a seemingly healthy woman collapses on the subway, medical examiner Jack Stapleton is reminded of the flu pandemic of 1918.  Yet the autopsy shows that this was not a case of influenza, and the young woman had recently had a heart transplant.  Jack’s investigation takes him into the world of CRISPR/CAS9, genetic editing biotechnology, as well as the black market for organ transplants.  But if Jack is not careful, the next life lost may very well be his own.