Chasing Forgiveness – Reviewed by Sarah


Chasing Forgiveness by Neal Shusterman
Reviewed by Sarah

Preston Scott has always been close with his father, has always though of him as both father and friend – but how’s he supposed to feel when his father does something unforgivable?

After Preston finds out his father killed his mother, Preston and his little brother Tyler go to live with his grandparents (from his moms’ side). Guided by strong faith, his grandparents are able to forgive his father for the murder of their daughter, but even though Preston still loves his father, he can’t seem to entirely ignore his fathers’ crime.

Although the story starts off with the innocent point of view of a twelve year old boy, as it goes on – and as Preston gets older – we get to see him mature through the years, questioning and taking into consideration things he’s never given much thought to before. We see how this one event in his childhood has plagued him throughout his adolescence, and how it changed him from the boy he could’ve been, to the boy he is now; from the way he copes with his problems to his relationship with Tyler, we’re left with the question, How could’ve things turned out differently?

Chasing Forgiveness is a book that can make the readers themselves feel the emotional turmoil that Preston has been though, all the pity, and confusion, and love. It’ll make you question what it really means to be guilty, and then let you decide for yourself when you finally find out happened on that pivotal Thursday in March.