Blog Post #5 (August 3) – Community and Teamwork

One person can change the world. That is a true fact. You can change the world, I can change the world, we can change the world. Cheesy, I know, but it’s true. Every word we say, every step we take, every choice we make, every person we meet, effects how our future will be. How we will be, what our interests will be, what our values will be, what our beliefs are. No day will be like before. You will never be the person you are today again. The human species are changing on a regular basis, because the world is changing on a daily basis, and each one of us make up part of this change. This unity that overwhelms the world is seen in most places, but I have seen it more clearly than I ever have this past month.

Communications and Community Development…

Working in the Communications and Community Development Department has changed how I view the sense of unity as a whole. The way the department is run is thoroughly based on a team effort, and everyone does something. Everyone has a part in the change that the department makes all through Caledon, and the change they make – the impact they make on the community – is so large and contagious that at each event you can feel the aspect of community at the strongest it has ever been. This feeling, emotion, and atmosphere of community that they create is built on people. The people who make up the department, are accepting, friendly, welcoming, and hard-working, and all of these traits are what motivates and inspires them to help people and make a difference in the community on a daily basis. Each one of the people who make up this department rely on one another, they look out for each other, and they have each other’s backs through all. This department revolves around team work, and team work is what allows them to make a change (for the better) in the community.

Everyone is a part of the change in the CCD office, no matter who you are. The office is built on the bricks of the department; Mary, Robert, Laura, and Patricia. These bricks are the people that keep everything running smoothly, kindly, and in a welcome way. These people come into the office each and every day ready for a new day, new work, and new people. They see and tackle every job with optimism and hard work, never flinching at any change or challenger, even when it comes to each Books and Beyond pamphlet change. They keep the office moving non-stop, working hard until the last minute, the last second. They welcome everyone who walks into their office with kindness, and class, and gives them equal opportunity in making change in the community no matter who they are. From Paul, a hardworking shredder that comes weekly, to our Page Student Loucas, who is always working hard and long hours helping with media and design, everyone has a part in this office. Everyone has a part in building the home that is the Communications and Community Development Department. The home that houses opportunities, community, kindness, and hard work.

Thank You CCD…

The CCD department has been a huge part in my Co-operative Education Placement. They have taught me that hard work pays off, they have taught me that you can love your job, they have taught me that anyone can make a change in society, and I cannot thank them enough for teaching me these lessons. I know I may not remember everything I did throughout this placement once it is over, but I am sure I will remember this department and all of the lessons they taught me that I will use throughout my life. So thank you CCD, you have been more than great.