Blog Post #2 (July 3 – July 6) – The Kid Zone!

The aspect of community changes the aesthetic of a town completely. The word community is defined as “a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common”, but to me, community is much more than that and the library is just one aspect of that community.  This wonderful place holds books that bring magic to the eyes of many, events for children, youth, and adults that aim to bring people together, and staff that makes you feel as if you are part of their family. These things make up the community that is found at the library. The aspect of finding books that make you feel as though you are on a journey through Neverland, or take you on an imaginary roller coaster ride, or fill you with enough information that makes you feel as though you are your own encyclopedia, that is community. The aspect of meeting new people, bringing a sense of belonging to someone’s life, or allowing someone to enjoy events with others is community.  The aspect of coming in and feeling as though you are in a safe haven, or with people you feel comfortable around, or feeling as part of the family that makes up the library, that is community. I was witness to all of these aspects of community throughout the library, this week when I took part in the youth activities department.

The Youth Department…

Natalie from the Youth Department assisting the Children and Youth with their coding activities.

During this time of working in the department, I met many new people, including Samantha, Leo, Natalie, Laurie, and Sabrina. These welcoming people are all organizers when it comes to the events that take place regarding the youth at the library. These people are a part of what makes those events such a large part of our community. I learned how much hard work and time the events take to plan and organize, as well as how much of a group effort it is to perform them. I observed how interactive, inclusive and available the events are to all different types of people coming from different places and lastly, I saw that through thick and thin, such as fighting children and helicopter parents, as well as energetic toddlers and shy pre-teens, these organizers kept smiles on their faces and made sure that everyone was having a great time the minute they walked through the library door.

The TD Summer Reading Program…

During this time working with the youth department, I was able to assist Sabrina in the TD Summer Reading program that takes place at the library annually. This program is for all ages, including up to adults! The Children and youth get prizes as well as a ballet to get drawn for the larger prizes below, whereas the adults must read 10 books and they get to enter a draw for the large gift basket below. Observing this program allowed me to see how much reading is present in much of our public’s lives, even with all the technology that is present in today’s society. It also allowed me to see how many different personalities, interests, values, and views are able to join together and visit the busy place that is familiar and comforting to many, even on a nice summer day. Therefore, after being a part of the wonderful events and interacting with the wonderful staff, I can tell that the youth and youth department is a large part of the library and making it the joyful place it is today, which contributes to our community immensely and the general public’s connections and unifications, leading to the shaping of the Town of Caledon as a whole.

Sabrina and I are so excited for the Youth Summer Reading Program. There are so many cool prizes and things to win for something as simple as reading. This program promotes reading in all age groups, and we would love for you to join if you are able to!
There are so many awesome opportunities for adults, as well! Feel free to join the adult reading program, and have a chance to win many wonderful goodies!