Blog Post #1 – All About Me!

Hi, I’m Stephanie!

The idea of introducing someone is very confusing at times. You never know what to say, to do, how to act. This action becomes even more complicated when it comes to describing yourself because in the moment there is not one thing that stands out about who you are that may separate you from all the other 7.347 billion people that live on this revolving sphere that makes up everything we have ever known. Today though, I am going to tell you about myself. I am going to voluntarily look for, search for, and discover the aspects of myself that separate me in this world, and talk about them so that you can know who I am. So here it goes; I am Stephanie. Preferably, you can call me Steph. I live in this small, friendly town of Bolton, where most of my family has grown up, so I am fairly familiar with everything and everyone that exists to make the town what it is to this day. The town of community, balance, equality, belonging, and friendliness, that is built on local staples such as agriculture, families, annual events, and small-town shops and people. If you drive through it on a warm summer evening, you can almost hear the sound of the country music coming from the radio. As you pass the houses, the schools, the large cooperated stores, the local shops in the valley, you will also pass the Library, and that is where my adventure of a summer has started. In High School, they encourage you to know what you want to do from the start. The university you want to get into, the career you want to pursue, the future you want to have. They encourage you to do research, to take personality tests, to go to seminars.  Yes, all of those things do help, but I was never able to find who or what I truly wanted to be for the rest of my eternity. This is where my story comes to the library and everything it has to offer.

My Story…

In April of 2016, I was at rugby practice when I was hit in the head by another girl. This lead to a concussion that caused me to have to miss a semester of school, as well as left me recovering all summer, leading to a full recovery of 10 months. I never thought a sport that I loved could do so much damage. From this, I lost courses, which sent my year backward as a whole. While the rest of my grade was in grade 11, I was still trying to complete grade 10 course, which not only led to school stress, but social stress and emotional stress. At the time, the situation was the worst thing that could ever happen to me, but looking at where I am now I am happy to say it is one of the best things that has happened in my life because it allowed me to find myself. I found out subjects that I enjoy, such as writing, working with youth, and helping people wherever I can. In this aspect of finding myself, I made the decision to enroll myself in co-op for the summer, which I hoped would allow me to gain back some of the courses that I missed, as well as hopefully narrow down my search for my future job endeavors. I never thought that from this small decision to take co-op, I would be able to be writing in this blog today.

All About My Placement at CPL…

CPL is allowing me to complete my co-op placement at their library, allowing for many opportunities that relate to my interests, such as opening a blog that allows me to talk about my placement, meeting new people, and taking part in all of their departments and learning how they work. They are allowing me to continue to complete my goal in life; to learn. I feel that throughout life, one never stops learning; baby or elder, there is always something to be learned. Thus, this is why I feel there is so much I can learn and will learn from this experience this summer, allowing me to grow and hopefully bring these learned tools and skills to education, as well as to future jobs and opportunities I will have in my life. As I am writing this, I am one week into my co-op and I have already met many people as well as learned many new things, showing that I am already on my way to completing my goal. I cannot wait to continue to learn and grow throughout this opportunity and tell you about it as I go along.