Big News for CPL Blogs

As you may have already heard, Caledon Public Library is launching a new website on Sept. 25, and with it comes a brand-new home for our library blogs. Our new website will have a page called What to Read Next, which will not only be a one-stop spot to see our blog posts for kids, teens, and adults, but also lists of new arrivals, our favourite book sites, and clever ways to help you find, well, what to read next! You’ll also see our blog posts in lots of other locations on the new website, wherever we think you’ll find it helpful.

If you’ve been following along with our blog by subscribing to email notifications, you shouldn’t see any changes at all. Your existing subscription should automatically begin sending you email notifications when we publish posts on the new library website. If you have this page bookmarked, you’ll need to update your bookmark so that starting Sept. 25 you’ll be able to click and see what’s new (it’s not ready yet though, so no peeking!).

We hope you will love the new website, and we hope you’ll follow us over to What to Read Next. The adventure continues!