Be A Smarty Cat!

In anticipation of this year’s SRC theme WILD, Caledon Public Library is extremely excited to introduce Ember the Canadian Lynx. Ember has been adopted by the library from the Toronto Zoo for the duration of the calendar year. Look for her poster throughout your travels at any of our CPL branches this summer.


  • born May 2009
  • female
  • travelled to Toronto from the Assiniboine Zoo in Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • lynx are medium-sized cats that are characterized by long ear tuffs, flared facial ruff and a short bobbed tail that has a completely black tip
  • Ember has very good eyesight and can spot a mouse when its over 76 meters away!
  • She also has exceptional hearing and those ear tufts help to make it even better

logo_ng-kidsThe online database, National Geographic Kids, is filled with cat videos, pictures, articles, books and fast facts! Learn about how the lynx is making an unexpected comeback or even how how to speak cat! Read the article about the lifestyles of the rich and furry and how people outrageously pamper their pets. Check out the cat who has won the world record for the longest cat winners.

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