The Alice Network by Kate Quinn

Kate Quinn’s thrilling new spy novel The Alice Network features espionage, nail-biting drama and spies…all who are women! No stranger to historical fiction Kate Quinn (Mistress of Rome) was actually inspired by a true-life French spy Louise Bettignies alias Alice Dubois who spied on the Germans for the British during WWI.

The Alice Network opens in post-war London 1947 as American college girl Charlotte St Clair, (Charlie) pregnant and unwed, derails her mother’s plans to terminate her unwanted pregnancy. Determined to take advantage of her time overseas, Charlie escapes her domineering mother, and heads off in search of her missing French cousin, Rose. Young Rose disappeared in Nazi Germany during WWII, and is believed by all, except Charlie, to be dead. Charlie’s search for her beloved cousin leads her to Eve Gardiner, a bitter, disgruntled woman with mangled hands and a secretive past.

Quinn’s novel now links the two women across time, as it becomes clear that Eve’s dark past plays a pivotal role in Charlie’s present day search. Jumping to 1915 in the heat of WWI, Eve is working as a young file clerk for the war effort. Her language skills garner attention, and she is invited to work as a spy in German-occupied France. Eve’s foray into the covert spy world deftly illustrates the nerve-wracking situations that so many brave young women endured. While this novel exposes the ever present dangers; the extreme physical and mental tests of endurance – it also shows how their protective bonds for each other made the Alice Network so successful.

This spy fiction story with hints of romance and heaps of intrigue make The Alice Network a suspenseful fall read.