After the Red Rain – Reviewed by Dysen

red rain

I strongly recommend the library purchases this book as I believe many other people will enjoy it as much, if not more, than I did.

I was mainly persuaded to take out this book by the cover; the red/orange hues captivated my attention as well as the cool font type used to display the title.

This fictional novel is a post-apocalyptic story in which a girl named Deedra who, along with the rest of the population, has to scavenge and struggle to survive. Deedra meets an unusual human being named Rose; Spoiler Alert: He is named Rose because he is half rose. Rose’s special powers allow him to use tendrils with thorns to attack.

Later, The Magistrate (the leader of the Ludo territory where the story takes place) finds out his son (who owns a factory named L-12 where Deedra works) has been murdered and Rose is the prime suspect because a tendril is found at the scene of the crime. Rose is jailed for a few weeks until he attempts to break out.

Unbeknownst to Rose is the fact that Deedra is coming to free him.

Beware: the rest of the summary is full of spoilers.

Rose escapes his cell and, as alarms blare and guards (“DeeCees”) chase him, he makes his way through the jail, only to be shot and killed by the DeeCees.

Subsequently Deedra discovers that her partner Dr. Dimbali, who helped plan the operation, has revived Rose (made possible due to Rose being part rose) and intends to manipulate him. At this point, Deedra realizes Dr. Dimbali is evil and wreaks havoc on his plan, as she and Rose escape to Rose’s hideout. Unfortunately,  Dr. Dimbali discovers their secret location.

Their plan to stay hidden is ruined as they are found by The Magistrate, his assistant and an army of DeeCees, with the help of Dr. Dimbali.

The book’s denouement involves Dr. Dimbali, most of the DeeCees and The Magistrate perishing as the two friends flee the territory.

In the entire book, my favourite part is where Rose goes into L-12 and is denied access to work because he does not have the required brand (a marking along the left arm which is the tool for payment).  He argues with the person preventing his entry, while making funny jokes; eventually, he is allowed to enter.

Readers will love the action-packed adventure story. The characters are very unique yet relatable. The plot is interesting and unpredictable.  After The Red Rain is a tremendous book!  I rate it a 9.5 out of ten!