Adrift – Reviewed by Tyler


                  “Adrift” by Paul Griffin
                 Reviewed by Tyler                      

Personally, I do not read many books. However when I took time to read this book, I thought to myself this is truly something special. This book does an amazing job on making you wonder how scary it would be to be lost at sea. It does a great job on explaining the daily struggle you would have to face and the challenges you would have to overcome. “Adrift” is really realistic and the sharks, and other deep sea creatures make the idea of being lost at sea even scarier. It is also truly nail biting. As the main characters are adrift, each day becomes more and more interesting. When I read this book I didn’t want to stop because each page demonstrated great writing and realistic events. When a character dies in the book, it made you stop and think about how sad and scared you would be in that type of situation. The detailed writing about the lack of food, infections, and experiences each person went through was truly captivating

To me, this book was incredible simply because as I read it, I could picture being there during these terrifying events. As the book progresses, you become more attached to Jojo, Dri, Stef, John and Matt. Before reading this book, I would have never pictured being lost at sea. However, after finishing “Adrift” by Paul Griffin, I began to realize that every day at sea would become even more challenging, especially without food and water. Now, I have an understanding of how to stay safe during situations like this. Going out on a boat will truly be a whole new experience now that I have read this book. If you are into a good story with nail-biting events, “Adrift” is the right choice for you.