Modern Homesteading

CPL is hosting a series of workshops on Modern Homesteading, featuring sessions on beekeeping, raising backyard chickens, and producing maple syrup.  Here are some books from our library collection that will get you thinking about life on the land.

Cover art, Modern Homesteading

Modern Homesteading: Advice and Inspiration for Cultivating a Better Life, by the editors of Living the Country Life Magazine, is chock full of ideas and projects for the urban dreamer. The book reads like a magazine, with each project gorgeously photographed and steps laid out clearly. Start with gardening and preserving, and work your way up to small livestock and outdoor projects.


cover art, The Urban Homesteading CookbookThink you can’t be a homesteader in the city?  The Urban Homesteading Cookbook, co-written by an ecologist and marine biologist, dares you to think otherwise.  From foraging to microlivestock to growing and fermenting food, this book will inspire you to think about ways you can eat well and responsibly in an urban environment. The recipes are a ton of fun to experiment with; if you’re feeling brave, try out their Dark and Stormy Chocolate Cupcakes made with cricket flour.


cover art, The Doable Off-Grid HomesteadPerhaps you’d like to take things a step further, and are considering starting a life off the grid.  The Doable Off-Grid Homestead provides practical tips on managing water, energy, and soil outside of your municipal setup.  Projects range from goat milking platforms made of wood pallets to what they call the ‘Inside Outhouse’.  Even if you’re not interested in going off-grid, you’ll find ideas to try at the cottage, or use at home to maintain a healthy environmental footprint.


cover art, Maple Syrup Cookbook(And because I’m the one doing the maple syrup presentation, let me slide in some self-promotion and recommend Ken Haedrich’s Maple Syrup Cookbook, available as an ebook on hoopla.  If this book can’t convince you to give maple syrup a try, nothing will!)