4 PS4 Games To Keep You Busy During Quarantine

From the look of things right now, quarantine is going to last a wee bit longer! Many of us are not used to staying inside and spending prolonged periods of time at home. If you’re like me, you may be running out of fun things to do – fortunately, CPL libraries has some great videogames that you can easily place on hold and pick up at select branches.

Here are 4 great games that will challenge any level of gamer:

Spiderman PS4: If you’re a fan of Marvel Spiderman or Marvel’s Cinematic Universe then you definitely want to check this game out. Webslinging and crime fighting mechanics are brought to a whole new level in the 2018 release of Spiderman and with new DLC packs just released on the heels of a Sequel title coming out later in 2021 you’ll want to dive back in to Peter Parker’s world post Avengers. If after playing the game your interest is peaked, you can dive further into the world of Spiderman with some great fiction and graphic novel reads found in Caledon Public Library’s collection!

Fifa 20 PS4: I think many of us having been missing sports over the last few months. I can’t remember the last time every professional league in the world shut down at the same time. Now that the world is gearing up for the re-start of professional sports, Fifa 20, EA’s top sports title, is a great game to dive into and satisfy that taste for the sound of a whistle and fans cheering and jeering at every goal, penalty and missed call. While you’re at it, you can also check out some biographies of today’s top athletes from your favorite sports team or athletes available at Caledon Public Library.

No Man’s Sky PS4: Is still at the top of every gamer’s list! Why you ask? The universe in No Man’s Sky is infinite. You can explore every inch of this game and good luck ever getting to the outer edges! Maybe you’ll discover something you never knew existed out there in Space and you’ll want to read up on it too! Hint, go to CPL’s catalogue and search Space for all your Space-related reading desires!

Fortnite PS4: This game has taken the industry by storm and remains one of the most popular games to be played in 2020. The great thing about this, especially during quarantine is it is entirely free to download. Once you’ve downloaded the game to your ps4, you can check out the various Fortnite titles in our catalogue to enhance your gameplay and learn all the tricks to stay at the top. There is no standard “completion” of this game which means you can essentially continue to play it for months. This is a great game to jump in and out of, especially if you want to try a different game to the ones you generally like playing.

These are just a sampling of the great games CPL has to share! waiting to When you’re ready to check out some other great titles, just follow this link. Happy Gaming!