Holiday gift-giving struggles? CPL can help!

Showrooming, the act of visiting a physical store to check out a product before purchasing it online, has become a major retail phenomena, with more and more consumers participating in this activity.    I would bet though, that most people would not associate showrooming with public libraries. With the frenzy of holiday shopping in full swing, consumers are faced with so many choices and lurking at the back of their mind is always the concern that they are going to make the wrong one.  Many gifts are quite expensive and I am sure everyone dreads purchasing something that won’t be used just as much as I do!


So what exactly does this have to do with the Caledon Public Library you ask?  Well, the library can be the perfect place to showroom.  Not only do we have all of the most popular books for adults and children, as well as new DVD movie and television releases, but we also have the latest video games.  Video games are a popular gift choice for children, teens and adults, but they can be very expensive.  So why not drop in to the Caledon Library and borrow a few games to try them out first?


See if your intended gift receiver enjoys playing it; or find out if it is a dud BEFORE you make that pricey purchase.  The Albion Bolton branch, and now our Margaret Dunn Valleywood branch, have full collections of video games in all platforms.   Here is a list of just some of the games that we have:

Final Fantasy XV         Battlefield 1         NHL 17                     Last Guardian   


Gears of War 4         Titanfall 2              Dishonored 2