3 Popular Nintendo Switch Games available At Your Library

Nintendo’s latest edition of Animal Crossing has hit the Switch world by storm. The widely popular social simulation game is imaginative and full of endless creative possibilities that kids absolutely love, from fishing to planting flowers, building gardens and pools, kids won’t be able to put this game down! Equally popular, here are a few other widely popular games your kids will enjoy just as much as Animal Crossing:

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Mario Kart

Racing games are some of the best ways to introduce gaming to kids. Pair that with a game you grew up with and a chance to share that experience with your children, it’s pretty fantastic! Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is arguably the most enjoyable racing game on the Switch and gives its players lots of regular content that would otherwise be paid-for content in any other game.



Minecraft is also another popular game for kids. Why? Because it offers kids something intriguing and exciting, namely, countless adventures in gaming form. It has been around for some time but it never gets old. A bonus feature of Minecraft is that it’s playable from a variety of gaming platforms. From digging deep to the Earth’s core to building elaborate homes, Minecraft offers kids the opportunity to be creative, collaborative and curious!

Yoshi’s Crafted World

Yoshi's Crafted World

Clearly the gaming world’s cutest Dino of all time, Yoshi’s Crafted World gives us an all a new, egg-crafted world. At the top of the highest peak in Yoshi’s peaceful town, sits a very rare artifact, granting the power to make anyone’s wildest dreams come true. Fending off hit characters like Baby Bowser, Yoshi races to stop Baby Bowser and find all the pieces of the artifact to restore peace to the Yoshi village. Yoshi’s Crafted World gives us a whole new perspective in this side-scrolling adventure, allowing us to see behind each paper item, such as paper cups and boxes, as Yoshi makes his way past them. This is a light hearted, family friendly game that even allows you to dash around Yoshi’s World in Co Op mode.

Whatever the game may be, you will certainly find an array of widely popular family friendly SWITCH games to keep your family engaged until you finally get a hold of that timeless classic, Animal Crossing. 😉

Happy Gaming!