Are You Seeing Me? – Reviewed by Lucas


Are You Seeing Me? by D. Groth
Reviewed by Lucas

Are You Seeing Me? is a great story about 18 year old Perry and his twin sister, Justine and the challenges they face in dealing with Perry’s autism.   I really liked the theme about family, love and acceptance of everyone’s unique qualities. It is not a short book, 278 pages long, and the vocabulary is not simple, but the author draws you into the story because she tells both Perry’s and Justine’s point of view.  As a teen, I can relate to a lot of the discussions and challenges faced by the twins. It made me better understand how hard it must be for a teen with autism to face discrimination by others and to see that autism shouldn’t define who a person is. Perry wishes to be seen and accepted for who he is.

One of my favourite parts of the story is when Justine asked Perry why he was so fascinated by sea monsters. Perry answered because they survived for thousand of years by being really good at hiding and ‘they’ve learned to survive even though the world is confusing and difficult for them.”  The siblings had to face their mom leaving them at a very young age, and the death of their dad shortly before their 18th birthday. They embark on a quest from their home in Australia, to British Columbia, Canada, in hope of finding their mom. I like the many twists and turns in the plot during the twins’ journey, and how Perry ended up saving the day, in spite of his autism and the limitations other people put on him. There are a lot of funny parts in the story, I really liked as well. I recommend this book to others to enjoy.