Laughter is the Best Medicine…Books with Humor

Books have the power to do many magical things. Reading can help keep your brain young, melt away stress, inspire creativity, and brighten your day. Books can also transport you to new and exciting places. They can make you smile, think, cry, but best of all they can make you laugh.

Sometimes there’s nothing better then settling down with a good book and laughing you head off. Not only is it fun to share a good laugh but laughter can be actual medicine. Having a good laugh can not only strengthen your immune system but can also help improve your mood and relieve pain. Whether you prefer the misadventures of a bumbling 30-something or the amusing antics of a runaway centenarian. there is a book out there that will get you doubling over with laughter.

So, with April Fools Day right around the corner, get into the mood with the following humorous books:


100 year old man1.The 100-year-old man who climbed out the window and disappeared by Jonas Jonasson

In this quirky tale we find centenarian Allan Karlsson climbing out the window of his nursing home to avoid attending his own 100th birthday party. Planning to travel as far as his money can take him, Allan’s fateful decision to steal a suitcase begins a hilarious and highly entertaining journey, highlighting the importance of living ones’ life to the fullest. Intercut with Allan’s past, we learn his relationship to many key historical moments and figures, including Harry S. Truman, General Franco, Stalin, Kim Jong-il, and many more.


Bad Monkey


2. Bad monkey by Carl Hiaasen.

Here we meet Andrew Yancy, a detective of Monroe County Sheriff’s office, who is currently suspended for assaulting his lover’s husband. Determined to regain his reputation and his job, Yancy dives into a murder investigation involving a human arm that he keeps in his freezer. He is pitted against the deceased’s wife, daughter, and his own colleagues who are all more than happy to call the death a boating accident.  In this outing Hiaasen creates a fast-paced crime novel with a cast of oddball characters and wall to wall hilarity.




3. Today will be different by Maria Semple

“Today will be different!” That is the mantra for our snarky heroine, as we take a look at one day is this beleaguered cartoon artist’s life. Semple takes the reader on an engaging and humorous ride as things go spiraling out of control in Eleanor’s life over the course of one afternoon- her son comes home sick, her husband maybe having an affair and she may have a concussion after colliding head first into an artpiece. Though outrageously funny at times, this is a touching and hopeful  read about the misadventures of a married woman.



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