Together with Remembrance, “Hamlet”

With the amount of famous talent that has passed away to the unknown beyond in 2016, we seem to be reliving ‘The Game of Thrones’ where R.R.Martin has a propensity to kill off characters in his now famous series as frequently as people change their sox.

However in this bleak climate I would like to bring a flicker of light to the past dark year for actors, writers and singers who passed away but left us a legacy of unforgettable entertainment. Let me bring your attention to these prodigious people through our CPL collection of biographies and autobiographies, CDs and DVDs where you will be forever linked to these remarkable characters. They have lead amazing and sometimes apparently fictional lives that have held despair, fear and joy but whose incredible accomplishments have brought us everlasting entertainment over the years.

The first mention goes to Carry Fisher, and if that does not ring a bell think Princess Leia from the now world renowned classic film “Star Wars”. If this still does not jar you memory you are either under 10 or have been living in a cave since 1976! Carrie’s tumultuous life, full of heartbreak and humour set against the backdrop of Hollywood Royalty with all the intrigue and conflict, which at times seems fictional, provides us with an in depth insight to these extraordinary lives.

Here are three of Carrie’s books which come highly recommended and are in our CPL catalogue.

The Princess Diarist Postcards from the Edge Wishful Drinking


David Bowie and Philosophy: Rebel, Rebel

For another startling and unforgettable entertainer lost to us in 2016 turn to the ever popular David Bowie and CPL’s latest acquisition “David Bowie and Philosophy”.

“In over fifty years from his very first recordings right through to his last album ‘Blackstar’, David Bowie was at the vanguard of contemporary culture as a musician, artist, icon and a constant influence on generations of writers, artists and designers. He was, and remains to be, a unique presence in contemporary culture.”




Another icon to pass was our own Leonard Cohen and CPL has a selection of his writings and cds.


Leonard Cohen on Leonard Cohen: Interviews and Encounters

This book I particularly liked as it gave so much more information into the writing processes and styles that made Leonard such a talented writer, poet, and song composer. Great inspiring interviews are included.

Other greats to have passed in 2016 are Debbie Renolds, Alan Rickman, Harper Lee, Umberto Eco, Pat Conroy, Jim Harrison, here at CPL we have Cds, Movies and Books to keep their memories alive. Do pay us a visit!